Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Brambleton Open Day

On 10th September the Merrytwit visited the Brambleton Model Railway Clubs garden railway in Harpenden ( and run trains all day in the rain.

The Fowler and No. 8 both put in sterling work in some horrible conditions. Titch and Wallace and Gromit both had their time in the limelight.

A short video taken on my phone with a dying battery can be found here -

An empty railway in the rain. Time to get the trains out

The flower train

The Fowler on a short goods. This loco ran for over 5 hours on one charge of its 6 AA batteries, very impressed.

No. 8 is dwarfed by the huge line

Titch delivering the whisky

He made some friends

Monday, 12 September 2016

Open Tub Wagon build

Another excellent Phil Sharples kit that will be joined by more examples as time goes by.

The kit in all its glory

The chassis with the glue setting

The body complete

Body and chassis are united

Wheels added

Couplings added and paint applied to the chassis

The wagon is now painted

Weathering is added

A false floor is put in place

Stone load applied.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Short Update

The railway has seen some progress at least as far as the stock is concerned. A new loco, the Fowler, has been completed (more of that in a future post) and the tipper wagon rake is now complete and a third van from Houston Gate has also been finished this weekend.

The new van under construction

The tipper wagons being hauled by the new Fowler

A view of the Houston Gate brake van and van wagon

The van has the new, improved axle boxes seen here compared with the old style on the left.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Quarrymans coach build

Another Phillip Sharples kit has been completed this time a small open quarry mans coach. The pictures tell the story.
The kit ready for construction to begin

The running gear going on

The chassis complete

The body being built making sure the ends and sides are at right angles to each other
Body work complete and the glue is drying

Several coats of paint with a light sanding between then followed.

The paint is done and the body is mounted on the chassis and the seats in. All complete

A view of the completed coach

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hythe Pier Narrow Gauge Railway

On the 8th May my Wife and I visited Hampshire to go to Beaulieu Motor Museum. Once our visit was over we wanted some fish and chips so we headed to Hythe where our cravings were sated. It was then that I realised we had been in Hythe before and rode on the pier railway so we went to have a look.

A view of the rear of the train with its luggage carrying flat wagon and the drivers cab. 

The purpose of the railway is to take passengers to the end of the pier to catch the ferry. Not the ferry in the picture, thats on its way to the Isle of Wight.

The luggage flat in action

As the train moves off the locomotive comes into view. It is electrically powered and still uses the original electronics. 

A view of the full train on the pier

The train on its way back to the landside

A nice view of this wonderful old train.

Sunshine at last

The summer appears to have arrived a bit early with lovely sunshine, high temperatures and no rain! This has allowed me to get on with the tramway extension and start the landscaping.
The pictures tell the story.

The first section of wooden edging goes in

The area between the main line and the tramway starts to get its landscaping

Getting there slowly. Some plants have gone in with two spreading plants that should cover a lot of the ground currently covered with slate.

I have put in a basic road way to allow a lumberjack yard to be built

Extra blocks have been laid, to put more in I will have to dig more of the trench

Work stopped for a while when I heard a low droneing which turned out to be the local bee keepers hives swarming. Whilst I like bees and understand they dont normally sting these sounded a bit pissed-off so I retired indoors.

Once the bees had gone I continued adding a car that we bought a year or so ago. Scale vehicles will follow but this little fellow will do for a while.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Construction progress & tipper wagon

The tramway extension is slowly coming along, the weather has been unkind just lately so progress is slow.
Weather has been rather iffy

The point removed. White powder is ant killer as there was an ant nest under the point.

Blocks in place, track will follow when I get fishplates.
The railway has gained two new tipper wagons build from Phillip Sharples kits. The pictures tell the story.
The chssis is a simple box with the wheels running in a specially printed plastic holder that forms a side of the box.

The chassis completed

And with wheels in place

The body begins to take place

The body supports in place under the body
The chassis is painted and the body is complete with its working door.
Body and chassis together and ready for finishing.
Complete and ready for weathering.